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Waters Edge Estate – Security


Waters Edge Estate has a state of the art security solution which uses a mixture of technologies. High end thermal and optical perimeter protection cameras are linked to an analytical detection program, which sends live video feeds to our offsite monitoring company any time that a person is close to the boundary. Internal cameras survey the streets and common areas, as well as all the entry and exit points to the Estate. Access to the Estate is granted using biometric authentication, which includes the latest no contact palm reading technology.

24-hour security monitoring is provided to the Estate in various forms.


Guard room (onsite 24/7) – 021 554 4917  or  072 916 7680

Thorburn Security Solutions are Waters Edge onsite security 24/7 with a very professional team manning the entrance and egress of our Estate, regular patrolling together with good, sound technical infrastructure is used.


Star Control room – 021 557 1455 or 021 556 6911

Star Alarms has full access to our 46 security and safety cameras. These cameras are accessed across a high speed fibre optic line that runs into the Big Bay Area. In addition to the services rendered to Waters Edge, Star Alarms has access to approximately 370 cameras connected to the Big Bay fibre system. These cameras span the area and assist in tracking and tracing suspects from complex to complex. The Control Room has direct radio communication to the dedicated vehicle on the ground in the area which is used to intercept suspects, as well as patrol the area for public safety reasons.

All safety and security in the Big Bay Area is overseen by the Big Bay Master Property Owners Association, who manages the collaborative efforts between all members of the association. Waters Edge Estate is a member of The Big Bay Master Property Owners Association (BBMPOA) which is an umbrella association whose members consist of registered owners of all erven comprising of the Big Bay Development.

This association was a requirement from the local authority to provide a mechanism to make funds available for the upkeep and maintenance of public areas and for funding of additional services, as may be required by the property owners – this includes access/sharing of cameras and dedicated security patrols within our area.