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BBMPOA – About

The BBMPOA (Big Bay Master Property Owners Association) is an umbrella association whose members consist of the registered owners of all erven comprising the Big Bay development area. The BBMPOA often referred to as the MPOA, is made up of many estates and these estates fall into various blocks (A – F).

The MPOA website can be located here.

Block A which includes Waters Edge Estate and several others has its own umbrella association called BBBE POA (often referred to as the BBBE). More on the BBBEPOA here.

The MPOA has a total of 9 trustees, of often referred to as Block Trustees who can vote (excluding alternate and co-opted trustees). All other MPOA Blocks have only 1 trustee to represent their block on the MPOA whereas Block A has 4 trustees. All 4 trustees from Block A must be present at a MPOA Trustees meeting in order for a Block A vote to be valid. As such 4 further alternate trustees are voted in by the BBBE to assist in this regard.

BBMPOA – Benefits

The biggest benefits of the MPOA are:

  • Security – Without a doubt the biggest benefit of the MPOA is a Security portfolio that works for all the residents of Big Bay reducing crime to near zero levels. Dedicated patrols, many CCTV cameras, Multiple security companies working together with connections over suburb boundaries and a proactive Security Portfolio Team that meets regularly. More on the MPOA Security here.
  • Fibre network – Fibre Infrastructure is owned by the residents of Big Bay, grown by the Trustees, working for the residents of Big Bay. Our fibre networks primary goal was to enable the roll out of high speed reliable network for our CCTV cameras to all corners and hence aid in crime prevention. The other benefit is a separate fibre network for Internet and DSTV services to our members in Big Bay with arguably the cheapest fibre prices built on the superior AON (Active optical network) model. More on the MPOA Fibre and Technology Portfolio here.
  • Landscaping and Maintenance – The MPOA was a requirement from the local authority to provide a mechanism to make funds available for the upkeep and maintenance of the public areas. The CoCT at the time did not have the capacity to assist if this area was to be developed. The MPOA sets our suburb apart from other suburbs in that the residents living in this area contribute towards the betterment and improvement of the area they live in. The monies raised gets spent right back at home allowing this area to flourish and slowly improve such that its neighbouring suburbs can join the change. The CID (Central improvement district) model was handed to us on a platter.
  • Communications – Dedicated portfolio to improving the communications between the MPOA and its members. A mobile app and website included. More on the MPOA Comms Portfolio here.
  • Finance Portfolio, Board of Trustees, Manager, Managing Agent – The MPOA team (old and new) has worked hard to improve the value it brings to its Big Bay members. The board meet regularly to discuss matters of importance and improve on the offering to members in Big Bay. It has a clean audit trail and funds are well managed by the board of trustees who are themselves members and live in the area. The MPOA has a dedicated Manager who works weekdays in the MPOA area with a in-house Landscaping team.

BBMPOA – Managing Agent

Trafalgar currently are the Managing Agent for MPOA. Should you need to contact them please speak to Angelique Rasana – [email protected]

BB MPOA - Constitution

(Big Bay Master Property Owners Association)

Other MPOA Documents

Welcome Pack, Organogram, Development Blocks with Estate names, Safety and Security Strategy, etc.


The 6 x Blocks of the MPOA and their Estates.