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Big Bay Fibre (BBF)

The latest information, pricing and documents related to the Big Bay Fibre network can be found on the MPOA website here.

Last updated: 2024-03-12

BBF – How to signup

  • Pick an ISP (Internet Service Provider) and Package speed (e.g. 100/100 Mbps).
  • Contact your chosen ISP using the contact details on the MPOA page. Scroll down the page or search for “ISP – CONTACT DETAILS and PRICING
  • Tell the ISP you want to signup and give them your details.
  • Once off install fees might apply. If a existing connection is/was in place then the fibre team might have to come do a site test and make sure the fibre cable still works. They also need to establish if the ONT device (also known as the fixed router) is still on the premises and working. If the fixed router is missing a new one would need to be purchased. The 2nd router from the ISP (or your own router) depends from ISP to ISP so be sure to ask them.
  • The ISP is generally your point of contact for all things related to the installation process and even once the connection is up and running.
  • Should you have any issues or further questions contact the BBF Fibre Trustee Portfolio – either via the MPOA website contact us page or using the email address on this price sheet.

BBF – About

The Big Bay Fibre network began when the developers of Block A put fibre into the ground for certain parts of Block A with the vision to grow a member owned network of sorts. Demux with the help of the early Trustees (BBBE and various Estates), grew this to form the core of the Block A estates fibre network. Later this was extended by the MPOA Fibre and Technology Portfolio to the entrances of all the MPOA Estates, so that each estate could decide if they wanted to join this member owned network.

Click here to view which MPOA Estates are connected to our network.

BBF – Benefits

Some of the BBF network benefits are:

  • High speed, reliable, backup power and secure
  • Dual purpose – Primarily was installed for Security but has a separate portion dedicated to high speed reliable Internet & DSTV. It also helps us provide other services such as access control or free bandwidth between our various network entities at no cost.
  • Member owned – It is owned by the members, which helps reduce the cost of the end product to our residents cutting out the middleman.
  • AON – (Active optical network) This is built on the superior active optical network model as opposed to the PON (Passive optical network) model.
  • Best pricing – The pricing for a 100/100 Mbps connection starts at R695 per month (2024-03-12 pricing) including VAT for a uncapped, unshaped and unthrottled connection
  • Close relationship between all the role players – The BBF team are your trustees, Demux, and our partner ISPs. We work together to make sure everything runs smoothly and can communicate up and down the line without getting stuck in phone queues.

BBF – Documents

The latest documents and information about this network can be found on the MPOA website.

BBF – Fibre Pricing brochures as received from our ISPs

The PDF we received from our ISPs

BBF – Fibre Pricing

Fibre pricing only for the ISPs on the BBF network

BBF – ISP Contact Details

The contact details of our ISPs – scroll down or search in this page for “ISP – CONTACT DETAILS and PRICING